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I Love Lucy Memes

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Highly Engaging Video - Male Voice
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Mary Jackson

Bel Air, LA

Product Details

One of the biggest hurdles to starting Real Estate Ads for Facebook is the content generation. In order to convert motivated sellers into leads, you must understand their fundamental pain points. Whether a seller is motivated from Foreclosure, Tax Leins, Divorce, Probate, or simply re-locating, there is a common thread I will share with you:

  1. Motivated sellers want a quick sale
  2. Motivated sellers want a hassle-free sale
  3. Motivated sellers will trade equity for convenience

This video is a great way to keep your motivated sellers happy and laughing, while making yourself a solution to their pain points. They want a quick, hassle-free, and convenient sale. When you offer them this, they immediately open up, raise their hand, and ask you to buy their house.

The licensing process is very easy, simply order the product and then our customer service team will follow up with your e-mail provided. The only requirement is that you provide a Logo or professional DBA name. We must watermark the video with your logo, to prevent theft and unauthorized usage of our copyrighted content.

If you need to learn how to set up ads, we also provide a step-by-step course on how to setup Facebook Ads for Real Estate Investors, Agents & Wholesalers:

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