Facebook Ads Realtor Exclusion List (88,000+)

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Mary Jackson

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Facebook Ads can yield great un-tapped lead sources in most markets, however, in some markets the competition is fierce. When competition gets jealous, they will often see your ad and input fake information. This can be from Real Estate Agents or even your local Real Estate Wholesalers. You might think to yourself, "It's not that bad, I don't need to exclude my competition."Let me break down why you want to exclude your competition.

  1. Lower adspend (less wasted impressions)
  2. Better algorithm (more motivated sellers, less tire kickers)
  3. Higher motivation (Facebook will optimize based on clicks & engagement)

If you wanted to pay us to scrape these same pages, you would pay $0.01 per user ID, which would be $880!

To give our community a great value, we have removed locations, birthday, user ID, etc. Your list should be emails & phones only (when available.) Facebook only requires a phone number or e-mail to match to their advertising system, so all of the other information is useless for a strict "Audience Exclusion List."

If you've ever received a lead, estatic to call and qualify them, then to find out the name is:  

Al Koholic

1980 Rehab Way

Corona, CA... 

Not only is your competition wasting your time, they are messing up your ad algorithm, driving up your adspend, and they will steal your ad copy when they see something with good engagement. 

To watch the tutorial video, and to understand why this list is powerful, check out the images & video in the top left.

I also have an exclusion list of 167,00 Real Estate Investors & Wholesalers here:



Will I get banned because of "Special Housing Category?"

No, you will not get banned or even warned. A loop-hole in the SHC is the fact you can still advertise to your own "Customer List." In the same respect (luckily for us) we can also exclude bad customers. This "Exclusion" allows us to exclude a list of Wholesalers, Real Estate Agents, or previous clients. You cannot be banned, but yes, this DOES circumvent Special Housing Category (and there is nothing FB can do about it!)

How do I get this information?

This list is scraped directly from Facebook's back-end API. There are a myriad of groups and pages for wholesalers, to give a few examples, we scrape user data from Max Maxwell, Jarred Norton, Wholesaling Inc, Skip Tracing Pages & Groups, and many more. We scrape the members area or the follower list, then the API scrapes the individual profiles for stuff like: Name, Phone, Email, Location, Birthday, User ID#, User Link, & more. For this agent list, I've also used a scraper robot to get cell phones from all cities in the USA for agents.

Is this list even effective?

This list is the best and only way to block your competition. I plan to contineously grow this list, and update anyone who has purchased to make sure they have the biggest and most up-to-date exclusion list. When this list is used, you won't even realize how much it helps, unless you stop using it. Facebook is an algorithm, the less wholesalers, investors, agents, and constructions workers viewing you ad when it first starts out - THE BETTER. I call this "purifying the algorithm," because at the end of the day, when more motivated sellers like, comment, and submit lead information - The algorithm becomes better.

What is the match rate when uploaded to Facebook?

This list is a 90% match rate. This unheard-of match rate is achieved by scraping Facebook's API directly on the back-end, when scraping groups, pages, posts, and more. The user ID # is acquired, and then the profile is scraped with API, making the information acquired a 90% match when given back to FB for advertising. Please note, this agent list was also scraped using Zillow public profiles, and I scraped cell phones only. The match rate should still be very high!

How fast will I get my exclusion list?

You will receive the list instantly upon checkout. We will occasionally send you updated lists to your e-mail when the list grows larger over time.

Will you show me how to set up an exclusion audience list?

Absolutely, when you download the list, you will also have an MP4 video file that will show you how to set up an exclusion audience, step-by-step. The setup video is also above in the gallery, it's on YouTube and public.

What information is in this list of 88,000 Real Estate Agents?

This list is strictly for creating a Facebook Exclusion list, which means there are only e-mails and phone numbers. Facebook only required e-mails and phone numbers to link your "Customer List" to FB for advertising. Given that most e-mails used to sign up for Facebook are no longer active (mine is from 2008) cell phone numbers are most ideal for FB matching. This is just 88,000 cell phone numbers, from FB accounts and/or zillow profiles.

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