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Increase Domain Authority in 30 Days 
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Outrank competition faster, stabilize rankings, & pump your  relevancy up to the moon!  

Watch this video below to explain exactly why Domain Authority is a powerful metric used to rank websites. If your website has gone from #11 to #25 overnight and bounces around - This means you have no authority. You can have topical authority (content/blogs) or domain authority (backlinks.) Google requires both to rank websites in competitive areas. If you optimized your site 100/100 and your competitor did as well, but has domain authority.... You'll never rank #1. Every website we give domain authority is not only more VALUEABLE it's also easier to rank. After all, my website ASAP Cash Offer ranks for keywords like We Buy Houses Dallas and Sell My House Fast Dallas. Yes, ASAP Cash Offer is amungst the top 10 ranking websites in all of wholesaling. (That's my website!)

I'm providing a POWER boost of backlinks and authority (measurable with aHref Backlink Checker.) This is not an ALL-IN-ONE package, you still need to do your own on-page SEO. I will do a free consultation, minimum 1 hour with you, to ensure success. 

Boost your website's respect and authority in the eyes of google with dynamic, powerful, and relevant backlinks. 

What's included in Domain Authority
(The Done-for-you Service)

✅ 1 Hour (minimum) consultation with Devon Wayne (Helping you create best SEO strategy for home page) 

✅ Guaranteed 30+ Domain Rating after 35 days. 

✅ High DA Press Release (over 100 news outlets including a Yahoo Finance Press Release 

✅ High DA, Top 4 Branding Profiles - Super Boosted (DA 90+, PA 40+, perfectly optimized) 💥🚀

✅ Google Maps embeds  💪

✅ YouTube Video Embeds 💪

✅ Over 200 new linking domains 💪

✅ Over 1,000 new (quality) backlinks 💪

✅ 20 Anchor Text Variations (of your choice, or I help choose) 

When you learn SEO you learn about 2 things, out of the total 200+ ranking factors.

The first thing, is On-Page SEO (I hope) which includes things like:

-Keyword Research

-Title & Header Optimizations

-Image Optimizations

And then you realize, on page SEO can go way deeper, with things like:

-User Experience

-Search Intent

-Semantic and Phrase Similarities

Of course, we all end up at the end of the road, disallowed from touching page 1 for competitive terms leaving our brains to wondering "why?"

The reason you'll never rank on page 1 (or the top 5, or even the top 3) is because of your backlink profile and website's authority in the eyes of google. (This is assuming your on-page is awesome.)

What are backlinks?

They are like B2B reviews, and if you wanted to buy a used iPad, would you buy it from the guy with 1,371 reviews or the dude with (0) reviews on eBay?

You'll buy from the guy with 1,371 reviews, even if it's more expensive.

Why? Trust. Reliability.

What can be done for DA and DR?
(Domain Authority = Moz Metric / Domain Rating = aHref Metric)

(We only do some of these, not all, to be safe!)

There are many types of links:

1) Social & business profiles

2) Business directories / maps

3) Guest posts

4) Niche edits

5) News articles

6) Press releases

7) Public/private blog networks [PBN]

8) Social signals (FB, twitter, pinterest, reddit, etc)

9) GSA/SER "spammy links"

10) 301 redirects (aged, expired domains)

11) 301 redirects (, short links)

12) On-site Blogs [sharing/linking]

Backlinks work in this way with google.

Without backlinks, how is Google supposed to know if your website should be trusted, especially with high volumes of relevant traffic?

It's simple, people with zero backlinks do not rank (for difficult keywords) beyond position #30 (go look for yourself!)

And the people who rise to page 1 or even page 2, have some degree of backlinks and unique referring domains.

All backlinks are not created equal.

We're in real estate, so what backlinks would you prefer from these websites:




Unless you're into some weird stuff and want to look spammy, you'll probably realize it's best to get a link from the Miami Real Estate Blog.

Now you're thinking, what about link velocity and anchor text ratios?

We build these links over a period of 30 to 35 days, not 24 hours.

We add the most authoritative and juicy links, last.

Not because we're teasing and stretching out the suspense, simply because this looks most natural. 

   If you're into link building, you probably know anchor text ratios, let me give you my opinion:

>30% = Naked URL

>30% = Random

>20% = Brand Variations

<10% = Keyword Variations

<10% = Exact Match Keywords

You probably feel like a boss just from reading this, and you can go do this yourself on Fiverr.

$1,000 later, you need someone to clean up your trash links and you're back at square one.

Why not let a professional do it, who's ranking hundreds of city pages IN YOUR NICHE, on page 1 in google?

What will domain authority do for you?

1) Add ranking stability (no more jumping around)

2) Push you onto page 1 (no more page 2 or 3)

3) Faster indexing of new city pages, blogs, etc

What do we need from you?

Find out in the ReadMe.txt file   

When you're an authority, you're respected.   

You are held to a higher standard.

Increase your domain authority,

   You just have to click a button and wait 30 days.

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