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When you're learning SEO for real estate investors, what's the first thing you're going to do?

1) Look at your competition via google search

Okay, great, well I'm sure you understand how time-consuming this would be. For page 1, there are 10 listings. Each taking 5 minutes to look at, minimum. That's over 1 hour wasted of your precious time, that is not making you money. Let's multiple that 50 minutes by 50 states, which is exactly what this data is. That's over 2,500 minutes or 42 hours of straight research. What if you had a best friend who would hook you up with 42 hours (minimum) of research for $20? Where on earth could we find a friend like that...

Let me break down everything you'll be getting in this spreadsheet, and do not worry I have a training video to show you how to easily navigate this beautiful masterpiece as well.

  1. DBA: Doing Business As, Company Name
  2. Link to their website
  3. Link to their Facebook
  4. Page Load speed (via Google / Lighthouse)
  5. Page Ranking (all page 1)
  6. Ranking Position (1 to 10)
  7. Are they ranked on google maps 3 pack, position #1?
  8. Do they have any intro videos or testimonial videos?
  9. Link to their YouTube video (intro/testimonial)
  10. How many (do.follow) backlinks do they have?
  11. What's the average domain strength of those backlinks?
  12. How many referrers does that backlinking domain give out?

With all of this information you'll be able to not only deconstruct SEO For Real Estate Investors, you'll be able to crush your competition by finding the best practices of the #1 Position rankers.

What else do I have to say?

Oh, it's only $20.

Important note:
This list was last updated 12/05/2020.

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