42,000 SEO Keywords for Real Estate Investors & Wholesalers

42k SEO Keywords for Real Estate Wholesalers

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When you're learning PPC or SEO keywords for real estate investors, what's the first thing you're going to do?

  1. Look at up "We Buy Houses" in google search (free)
  2. Start Using Keywords Everywhere for Chrome ($10)
  3. Analyze competition using SpyFu or aHrefs ($40 to $99/mo)

Okay, great, well I'm sure you understand how time-consuming this would be to get SEO keywords for real estate investors. For every page 1, there are 10-20 keywords being optimized or more. Each taking 5 minutes to copy to a spreadsheet, minimum. Let's say it takes you 5 seconds to copy/paste one keyword, that's 23 hours straight of copy/pasting. Or maybe you were smart, and decided to pay $20 up to $99/mo for tools like Spyfu, or maybe SEM Rush, or the most popular aHrefs, it would still take you a few hours to scrape enough data from exported excel files.

What if you had a best friend who would hook you up with over 24 hours of straight research for $30? Where on earth could we find a friend like that...

Let me break down everything you'll be getting in this spreadsheet, and do not worry I have a training video to show you how to easily navigate this intimidating list as well.

  1. SEO / PPC Keyword Phrase
  2. Search Volume
  3. Difficulty to rank (SEO)
  4. Broad CPC
  5. Phrase CPC
  6. Exact CPC
  7. Monthly CPC Value
  8. Metrics from the top ranking websites
  9. Number of paid competitors
  10. Number of ranking pages
  11. Page URL of their "top ranking page"


🤯 And I'm throwing in some already sorted lists like:

💥 353 "How" question search phrases

💥 112 "Can" question search phrases

💥 60 "Who" question search phrases

💥 63 "What" question search phrases

☠️ Kill your competition with epic FAQ sections!

With all of this information you'll be able to not only deconstruct SEO For Real Estate Investors, you'll be able to crush your competition by finding how to do seo for real estate websites using the best practices of the #1 Position rankers.
What else do I have to say?  

Oh, it's $29.99.

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