We Buy Houses Facebook Ads Course
 For Motivated Seller Leads

We Buy Houses Facebook Ads for Motivated Sellers Leads

Your Shortcut To Going From Zero Knowledge
To Floods Of Motivated Seller Leads

In this simple, easy-to-follow, online course designed specifically to help real estate investors attract motivated seller leads using the power of algorithms and interest-based targeting with Facebook Ads.

It’s perfect for all investors because all the steps are explained in a simple & very easy-to-follow steps — even for the non-techie person. The primary modules will guide you, literally, click-by-click through the whole process.

Step-By-Step Tutorials

In-depth training videos showing you step-by-step how to go from scratch to a proven to work Facebook Ads lead generation campaign!

Private FB Group

Get direct access to myself and other investors to learn about what's working & what's not with FB ads for wholesalers and real estate investors!

Done-For-You Resources

Take the guess work out of writing Facebook ads! Get my expertly written copy & paste ad templates and put them straight into your campaign.

The “Old Way” Of Real Estate Marketing Doesn’t Work As Good As Before. That’s Why You Should Start Using Facebook Ads Today

Question: Is traditional real estate marketing dead?
No, it’s not dead. But, it’s not working as well as before.
You know, I’m talking about…

Direct Mail Post Cards for Real Estate Investors

Direct Mail

Return to sender
Wrong/Old address
Waiting for calls
We Buy Houses Reviews #1

Bandit Signs

Competitors remove signs
Jail or Fines if caught
Waiting for calls
Cold Calling for Real Estate Investors

Cold Calling

TCPA & Lawsuits
Expensive CRM & Dialers
Angry people, very cold

Doubt I can teach you anything? 
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Facebook Ads for Motivated Sellers

Those old marketing strategies will get you into lawsuits and will prevent you from getting more deals.

“Why is this happening?” you might ask.

The answer is simple. 

Time has changed. ⌛️

In today’s world, people spend more time on the Web, and less time in the physical world.  👀 Their attention has changed.

They no longer have time to pay attention to older style media.

Their attention has shifted to the digital world. 

In fact, most people are checking out their Social Media account fourteen times a day. 

That’s insane, right? ❌🧢

With that said, if you want to catch their attention, and attract more prospective seller leads, then you should start to try something new.

And from all the available options, Facebook Ads could be the perfect option for you.

Here’s why:

You don’t need a large budget.

In fact, many successful campaigns are running for an extremely low cost per day that is less than a cup of coffee. Running a USA campaign would be $5/day, a state campaign would be $20/day, and a county or city might be $30 to $50/day. Now, if you do it the right way, you can keep lowering your cost without harming the good results you’ve achieved.

You can quickly see the results.

Once your Ads is running, you can immediately see the results of your campaign. And you can easily measure the results, unlike traditional advertising that involves a lot of guesswork.

Sellers talk to less investors

Let's face it, most people are cold calling and sending mail to the same exact people. This makes it very competitive to close deals. With Facebook, these leads are calling you which means they more than likely have not spoken to other investors!

Motivated seller leads come to you

Because we are putting our ads in front of motivated sellers, these leads see your ads and call you... Instead of you having to chase them down!

These are incredible things you won’t be able to do without Facebook Ads.

If you want to keep up with the competition, there’s no reason not to start using Facebook Ads today.

Facebook Ads for Motivated Seller Leads is still new! 

More interestingly, most investors saw a whopping 7X return on investment when they started switching from traditional marketing to Facebook Ads.

Now you have a chance to get the same satisfying result with a simple, easy-to-follow course I’ve created for you. 

It’s so simple you can start implementing the main tacticts as soon as today, and start using Facebook Ads to magnetically attract more motivated seller leads.

Learn My Secret Facebook Ads
For Real Estate Investors Strategy

Inside My Brand New Course You'll Gain Instant Access To Step-By-Step Training Tutorials Walking You Through Building Your Very Own Facebook Ads Campaign To Magnetically Attract Motivated Seller Leads Who Have Distressed Homes and Situations!

What You’re Going To Learn From My 
"We Buy Houses" Facebook Ads Course

This is a complete program that will take anyone (either you or your employees) to learn how to set up and run Facebook Ads campaign that will attract motivated real estate sellers leads to your business.

This course is designed specifically to help real estate investors generating leads, and it covers everything from the basic features to all the advanced features.

Here's A Complete Breakdown of All The Training Videos

facebook ads for real estate wholesalers

Step-by-step 90 Minute Tutorial

In this video I will go over how to get sellers with MORE motivations for LESS money. It's 90 minutes long, and yes, every minute is important to watch.

how to create a facebook pixel

How to create a pixel & add to account(s)

Step-by-Step tutorial walking you through the importance of having a Facebook pixel and how to get it setup on your real estate investor website.

how to make a logo for facebook page

How to create or pay for logos

For those who are creating an online presence for the first time, logos are important for credibility. I share the most effective way to get your business logo.

how to add message now button for facebook page

Set up Message Now button

Learn how you can add your very own chat button to your Facebook page or website so visitors can speak to you about automatically about selling their house

facebook messenger leads

How to setup Messenger Leads

Facebook has evolved and made their messenger leads premium & free to use. In the end, message leads are superior leads and you'll learn exactly how to get them!

how to scrape facebook user data

How to scrape facebook pages

Did you know that you can skip trace whole groups, fan pages, friends lists and individual Facebook IDs? Inside this lesson I'll teach you step-by-step how to do it!

facebook ads messenger campaign

A to Z Messenger Leads Training

In this video I strictly go over the entire process of creating a messenger lead Campaign using my licensed videos or your own lead gen videos.

facebook lead form campaigns

A to Z On-Facebook Lead Forms Trainig

In this video I strictly go over the entire process of creating an On-Facebook Lead Campaign using my licensed videos or your own lead gen videos.

facebook retargeting ads

How to re-target With Facebook Ads

Learn my battle-tested method for successfully retargeting non-converting traffic and/or clicks on ads. This is where the money is made!

How to optimize facebook ads for real estate investors

How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

When you're not sure why you are not getting leads, it's probably the algorithm mixed with high auction prices. It's okay, follow this video and cut the fat.

Special Housing Category Interests for Facebook Ads

Interests Targeting for Housing Category

In this video I go over all of the interests, and seperate them into a few key categories. This is what will ensure your ads show to the right people!

Optimize Facebook Ads for Time of Day

Optimizing Campaigns for Time of Day

This technique will teach you how to pull your lead data from Facebook. With this data, you'll be able to see what time of day your ads perform the best!

How To Optimize Ads Based on Leads Information

How To Optimize Your Leads

This technique is best used to investigate what interests and ads promote the most motivated seller leads.

Real Estate Exclusion List for Facebook Ads

Wholesaler (Competition) Exclusion List Training

It's important for us to find ways to improve the algorithm. Blocking and excluding our competition is one way we can do this.

Live-Campaign-Overview-Training-Recording (1)

Live Campaign Overview Training Recording

BRAND NEW Advertising Techniques for 2023, Photos, Ad Copy, and Images. Watch this video to learn more about running Facebook Ads in 2023.

Building-A-Website-Lead-Campaign (1)

Building A Website Lead Campaign

How to get leads with an investor carrot website. This video specifically covers the A-to-Z and how to set up a whole campaign for on-website lead forms.


Building A Website Lead Campaign pt. 2

Learn how to setup a lead conversion event with a facebook pixel. This is important so that you continue to show your ads to all website visitors that didn't convert!

What You Can Expect When Finished

Do more deals with less time and effort.

Once you’ve started running your ads on Facebook, you can do more deals than before without having to spend too much of your time to chase motivated sellers.

Let sellers chase you.

Positioning is very important if you want to close a better deal. With Facebook Ads, you can position yourself in a better position by attracting the motivated sellers to you instead of chasing them.

Keep up with all your competitors in your local market.

You and your direct competitors are chasing the same type of deal: profitable properties at low prices. With Facebook Ads, you’ll be able to find and attract motivated sellers who have this type of deal in your local area — Usually no one has contacts them, because you interrupted their Facebook Browsing. First contact leads are GOLD in our industry!

Have your phone ringing more often.

As soon as you complete this course, and start running your Ads, you’ll hear your phone ringing more often with motivated sellers who need to get rid of their property fast.

If you feel like this course is right for you, here’s the deal!

We Buy Houses Facebook Ads Course is a simple, easy-to-follow course that teaches how to generate motivated seller leads using Facebook Ads. This course is created for everyone, including those who are new to Digital Marketing. The information inside this course is designed to be consumed fast, and to be implemented right away. No joke, you should be able to generate your first leads within 48 hours. The main module is 90 minutes, so you can setup ads over coffee one afternoon. Passive leads, here we come!

Listen To What These People Are Saying About
We Buy Houses Facebook Ads Course!


What Devon shares inside this course is better than any other Facebook ads course I have ever seen! If you NEED seller leads for your investment business this is a MUST!

Jason M Real Estate Investor

Jason M. - Jacksonville, FL


This is the most in-depth Facebook ads course for real estate investors I've been through! Devon teaches step-by-step how to go from scratch to building a truly converting ads campaign!

Laura W Real Estate Investor

Laura W. - Dallas, TX


You can't find something like this anywhere else! You get battle tested ads and training that get you to understand just how Facebook works and how to build ad campaigns that get you leads!

Richard T Real Estate Investor

Richard G. - Chicago, IL

Here's A Break Down Of Everything You Get When You Join My Course Today!

We Buy Houses Facebook Ads for Motivated Sellers Leads
90 Minute Step-By-Step Tutorial ($997 Value)
Private Facebook Group ($497 Value)
FB Ads 2023 Live Coaching Call Replay ($397 Value)
Messenger Leads Full Tutorial ($247 Value)
Mastering Interest Targeting Trainings ($247 Value)
Optimizing Your Ads Full Training ($297 Value)
Complete Retargeting Breakdown ($197 Value)
Pro Video Ad Techniques Training ($97 Value)
Copy & Paste Ad Templates ($147 Value)
Realtor & Investor ULTIMATE Exclusion List ($97 Value - Platinum Only)
Plug & Play Video Ad - Male & Female ($400 Value - Platinum Only)

Total Value $3,620

For Today Only Save Up To 87% Off!

Standard Package


17+ Training Modules
Private Facebook Group Mastermind
Copy & Paste Ad Templates
2023 Updated Recorded FB Ads Coaching Call
Realtor & Investor ULTIMATE Exclusion List
Plug & Play Video Ad Male & Female

Platinum Package


Complete Training Lessons
Private Facebook Group
Copy & Paste Ad Templates
2023 FB Ads Live Coaching Call Replay
Realtor & Investor ULTIMATE Exclusion List
Plug & Play Video Ad Male & Female


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